Read below for U-Multirank quotes from higher education experts, government officials, student leaders and more and see what they have to say about U-Multirank!

Androulla Vassiliou, European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Multilingualism and Youth
“I welcome the launch of this exciting new development in higher education. U-Multirank will enable students to make more informed decisions about where to study and give us a more accurate picture of how universities perform.”

Professor Sir Howard Newby, Vice-Chancellor, University of Liverpool
“U-Multirank provides an elegant solution to a problem which undermines conventional rankings. It does not seek to weight different activities of a university but allows users to devise their own ranking according to what they believe is important. Therefore it democratises university rankings and will be an essential tool for all those who are stakeholders in modern universities.”

Fernando M. Galán, Vice-Chairperson of the European Students Union
"ESU believes that U-Multirank will be an extremely useful tool for students all over the world, being the first global ranking that includes in a serious manner the teaching and learning dimension."

Andreas Schleicher, Director Education and Skills and Special Advisor on Education Policy at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
"With a first-of-its-kind multi-dimensional approach to comparing institutional performance, U-Multirank is now putting students and the public into the driver’s seat of determining which universities are doing well on what and why. It has the potential to fundamentally transform our views on the quality of higher education and to create a genuinely level playing field for universities."

Jamie Merisotis, President and CEO at the Lumina Foundation, USA
"There is a profound need for more accessible, easily understood information on the performance of higher education. Colleges and universities, higher education associations and organizations, and governments around the globe are working to make greater transparency a reality.  Significant progress in these efforts has been made by U-Multirank ( – a new user-driven approach to international data on higher education institutions.  U-Multirank provides valuable information and represents a compelling model of how higher education data that is focused on results can be made more accessible."

Robert-Jan Smits, Director-General Research and Innovation, European Commission
"U-Multirank is a novel approach to provide transparency about the diverse roles which universities play in our societies. It presents a break with the past and therefore is certainly worth pursuing further."

Miguel Gallardo Albajar, Projects Director at AEGEE-Europe/European Students’ Forum
“U-Multirank provides students with the data they need to make an informed choice on where to study, based on the orientation they want to give to their career. It recognizes the diversity of profiles of students, and helps to connect the needs of the students and the different educational options that the universities offer. This tool has the potential to improve mobility by helping students to find the best match for their profile and the career they want to pursue.”

José Joaquín Brunner, Director Cátedra UNESCO de Políticas Comparadas de Educación Superior (Chile)
"U-Multirank is a great instrument for students, faculty, the public and policy makers. Latin American higher education systems should join this outstanding effort and make performance of universities in this region transparent."

Stefan Jahnke, President of the Erasmus Student Network
"Through U-Multirank it is possible for the first time to truly compare higher education institutions with each other according to different aspects. For the Erasmus Student Network it is very important to compare not only research outcomes but also to have a look at the international perspective of institutions. We fully support the U-Multirank project and believe it will benefit students greatly in choosing institutions for their studies."

Tom Boland, Chief Executive of the Higher Education Authority, Ireland
"U-Multirank is a most welcome development in the promotion of higher education and research.  It will contribute to greater understanding of the role and  performance of higher education institutions throughout the EU. This tool has the capacity to reflect the breadth of the higher education mission. It will foster mission differentiation in ways that will be beneficial to students, to institutions and to policy makers seeking to support diversity of high quality provision within coherent systems of higher education."

Dr. Simon Marginson, Professor of International Higher Education at the Institute of Education, The University of London
"U-Multirank is an exceptionally important development. It opens up universities to their communities and lifts cross-country comparison to a new level of comprehensiveness. It is a vital corrective to the "football" league mentality that has crept into higher education - higher education is more than a competition, more important than sport, and cannot be adequately summed up by single ranks in university league tables. Compared to other comparisons and rankings, U-Multirank gives students and other higher education stakeholders much more information to work with in making considered decisions."

Torben Rasmussen, former Director-General of Higher Education and International Affairs, Ministry of Education, Denmark
"I highly welcome this creative multifaceted ranking tool which breaks new ground in covering all important aspects of higher education. It will have great relevance for both students, institutions and employers."

Dr. Tim Creedon, President of the Universities of Applied Sciences Network (UASnet)
"For the first time the profiles of Universities of Applied Science are made visible. U-Multirank addresses the diversity of university profiles; therefore it is a much better transparency tool than the existing rankings."

Prof. David D. Dill, Professor Emeritus of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (USA)
"Many university rankings apply common criteria to all academic institutions, encouraging an “academic arms race” for prestige fueled by expensive institutional investments in factors known to be associated with academic reputation. U-Multirank permits students and academic staff to compare institutions of similar mission and type, creating incentives for universities to improve their distinctive processes and activities, thereby sustaining the rich diversity of higher education and the vital contribution it makes to society."

Eva Egron-Polak, Secretary General of the International Association of Universities
"The IAU  welcomes U-Multirank as a new tool for comparing institutions of higher education, less biased by reputation and prestige and better adapted to the diversity in the sector.  Using a multiplicity of indicators it offers users the possibility to choose only those that are of importance to them when comparing institutions. With its promise to improve each year by adding information on new indicators it has real potential for drawing new comparisons among participating HEIs."

Thomas D. Parker, Senior Associate at the Institute for Higher Education Policy, Washington, USA
“U-Multirank is the ‘thinking man’s ranking’. Until now, rankings have been somewhere between bad journalism and bad science, and we’re beginning to see much more serious work.”

Prof. Dr. Jan Sadlak, President of IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and  Excellence
“U-Multirank is user-friendly and very intelligently presented on the website.”

Alex Usher, President of Higher Education Strategy Associates (HESA), Canada
“U-Multirank allows users to look at strengths and weaknesses in a very different way.”

Julia Gonzalez and Robert Wagenaar, Tuning Project Co-coordinators
"The first results of U-Multirank is a huge step forward. The system proves what it promised: fair comparisons of comparable types and profiles of higher education institutions. U-Multirank is a great support for the Tuning approach."

Peter West, former Chief Operating Officer, University of Strathclyde, Scotland
"U-Multirank is a powerful tool for all those involved in higher education. It has many advantages over the existing ranking systems and is equally relevant in higher education systems all over the world."

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